M&A Due Diligence (Coeptus Premium)


Absolute upfront clarity and certainty; a budget you can count on. We say we deliver: if we don’t deliver you don’t pay. Unlimited emails, calls, and local face-to-face meetings; we’re all in and you don’t worry about calling your attorney when you need to. Instead of focusing on our every separate task and recording every 0.1 and 0.2 time entry, we focus on results, outcomes, and solutions that benefit your business. The only time we focus on is turnaround time. Our service is totally different from most other lawyers and firms. Clients consistently report that we’re more than legal technicians. We’re sought after as business strategists and thought partners. We do more than ensure the deal is legally correct, we work with you to ensure the best legal and business outcome.

What is included?

  • General advice and counsel and negotiation of the purchase agreement and disclosure schedule through all rounds of negotiations
  • Specific advice about the form of transaction for tax positioning and payment to employees of bonus on close of the transaction
  • Advice about current debt of $130k and working capital account balance in relation to purchase price
  • Negotiation of changes to letter of intent
  • Due Diligence, Disclosure Schedule, 3rd Party Notice/Consent: o We complete all due diligence responses and production of documents o We complete the requests for information and lists and other responsive items for the disclosure schedule (attached to the purchase agreement) and all lists of information requested o We review all relevant documents to determine what 3rd party notice or consent is required, and we provide notice to and obtain 3rd party consent if required
  • Additional Tasks and Documents: o Employment or contractor agreements for services following close of all key employees (e.g. Lance, Pascal) o o Trademark or patent assignment forms o Lease agreement transfer in connection with the sale. o Employment or contractor agreements for other personnel
  • Non-business hour availability included