Business and Organizational Conflict Resolution


Regular, scheduled onsite services, including Mediation and Conflict Coaching. Workplace conflicts can lead to formal complaints or lawsuits. Work related conflict can start start as a disagreement between employees or an allegation of unequal treatment. As Columbia Law Professor Vivian Berger addressed in "Respect in Mediation: A Counter to Disrespect in the Workplace," perceived disrespect and demeaning treatment can start a path leading to formal complaints and lawsuits. Non-work related issues, such as substance abuse and domestic violence, can also have an intense impact on work environments. Often a small group of employees try to manage these issues in secret to protect an employee's privacy. But when the problem becomes to large to contain, the fallout often hurts the whole department or organization. We provide a range of conflict resolution services. Scheduled, onsite mediation and conflict coaching. Scheduled, offsite services at my office near Wall Street. Emergency sessions for urgent matters. Workplace presentations: Communication techniques to facilitate better dialogue between employees. Conflict management techniques to maximize effective interactions with your client population. Let's talk about how this program can help your employees.