Choosing Unbundled Legal Services

Choosing Unbundled Legal Services

In this guide, you'll find out what unbundled legal services entails and if it's right for you.

What is unbundling?

  • An alternative to full representation 
  • The lawyer handles only certain parts of your case

We can help with:

  • Drafting forms, letters, and documents (Example: do you need to prepare a real estate deed?)  
  • Second opinions (Example: have you seen an attorney already and decided to go it alone without an attorney?) 
  • Legal research (Example: do you know what documents you would need for a contempt hearing?)
  • Accessing Information (Example: do you know what happens when you get to Probate and Family Court?) 
  • Identifying issues you may have overlooked 
  • One-time court appearances  

Is it right for you?

❏ I am good at handling deadlines 

❏ I have access to the internet and a computer and can compose letters on my computer.  

❏ I am comfortable with negotiating and communicating with other parties.  

❏ I have time dedicated to representing myself for a portion of my case.  

❏ I am comfortable with letting my attorney handle limited issues/tasks.  

❏ I can keep legal documents organized.  

❏ I have transportation to the library to do legal research.  

❏ I can readily find information/discern technical terms.

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