What Should You Do While Waiting To Connect With A Justice Bridge Lawyer?

What Should You Do While Waiting To Connect With A Justice Bridge Lawyer?

Make the most of your time while waiting for an attorney referral by Justice Bridge by considering the following:

1. Do you have a court date coming up?

If your court date is within two weeks, an attorney may not be able to help in time.

You may be able to ask for a continuance. A continuance is when you ask the court for more time. Often, this must be done in writing. Check your paperwork, call the court clerk, and ask about the steps you should take. You can let them know that you are looking for an attorney. 

2. Gather your paperwork.

Save time and money by gathering any relevant paperwork before your meeting with a lawyer. Helpful documents may include: 

Current court paperwork such as a summons, and complaint;  

Prior court documents such as an original divorce agreement;  

Any letters or communications from the other party in your case; 

If your case involves debt or money, pay stubs and a list of your expenses.

3. Make a timeline.

List out the contact and communication with the other side. Try to put this information in a timeline of events. This will give an attorney an idea about your situation.

4. Write down your goals.

What would you like the outcome of your case to be? What do you think will be realistic for you?

Preparing your goals will help you and your attorney to be on the same page.

5. Write down your questions.

It can be hard to think of questions in the middle of your meeting. Keep paper with you and write down questions as you think of them.  


Remember: Justice Bridge cannot guarantee that an attorney will take your case. You should also take steps to find alternative assistance while you wait.

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