What Happens When I Contact Justice Bridge?

What Happens When I Contact Justice Bridge?

Reach us online at https://www.justice-bridge.org/ or by phone at 617-860-3414

1. Initial phone or in-person screening:

A volunteer or intern will complete a legal assistance screening. They will ask you questions about you and your legal situation. The volunteer or intern will also explain that Justice Bridge provides a referral to attorneys who may be willing to take your case. The attorneys are not employed by Justice Bridge.  The attorneys do not take cases for free but are often willing to work out payment that works for you.  


2. Referral to an attorney in our network:

With your permission, Justice Bridge will reach out to attorneys in our network and see if they would be willing to discuss your case. Justice Bridge cannot guarantee an attorney can take your case. But Justice Bridge will work to find an attorney who will discuss your case with you.  

3. Finding an attorney match:

Once an attorney agrees to look into your case, they will contact you directly. You and the attorney set up a time to meet in person or by phone. You and the attorney will discuss your case and payment. The attorney will help you determine the amount of assistance that fits your budget and needs.

4. Assistance with your case:

If you reach an agreement with the attorney, they will assist you with your case. You are working directly with the attorney. If you have questions about your case, about changing the assistance you receive, or about your attorney’s fees, you should discuss this directly with your attorney.  


5. Case ends:

After your case comes to an end, your attorney and Justice Bridge want to hear how you feel about your contact with Justice Bridge and how your work with your attorney went. This helps us improve our services. Justice Bridge will ask you for feedback for your experience.  


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