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Justice Bridge Legal Center

A Law Incubator Program of the University of Massachusetts School of Law

Thank You For Contacting Justice Bridge

Justice Bridge provides referrals to attorneys who may be willing to accept reduced legal fees. 

The attorneys agree to take referrals from Justice Bridge. They do not work for Justice Bridge. It is up to the attorney to decide whether they take a case. If an attorney agrees to take your case, any agreement regarding the assistance and fees is between you and the attorney. 

There is a large demand and a limited number of attorneys accepting referrals. This means Justice Bridge cannot guarantee that an attorney will take your case. 

You have authorized Justice Bridge to share your situation with attorneys who may be willing to take your case. Here is what we do with the information you provided: 

  • We have reached out to specific attorneys who may be a good match for your needs. 
  • If an attorney agrees to look into your case, they will reach out to you directly. 
  • The attorney will discuss your case with you and see if you both can reach agreement about assistance and fees. 
  • The agreement about your case is between you and the attorney. Justice Bridge does not provide legal representation. 

If you have questions about the assistance costs, do not hesitate to ask the attorney directly. Attorneys participating with Justice Bridge do not offer free assistance. But they do try to work within their potential client’s budgets. 

Connecting with an attorney takes time. If you have a court date in the next two weeks, Justice Bridge may not find you a match in time. You may be able to ask the court for a continuance. A continuance is when you ask the court to reschedule your case. 

A continuance must be in writing. Contact the court handling your case for information on a continuance. Have the information about your case ready when contacting the clerk. 


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